LEO Mining Service

  • You choose which mining service you want.
  • We supply the hardware, hosting and maintenance.
  • Start earning LEOcoin by choosing between 2 products.



  • LEOcoins per Month 80
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Other Services Included
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  • LEOcoins per Month 80
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Other Services Included
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The leasing contracts, payment schedule and the performance of your LEO Mining Service are reported to you in detail. You can easily see how efficient and cost effective your LEOcoin mining rig is.


We provide the convenience of a full service leaving you to acquire LEOcoins with a minimum of effort. You need no understanding of the underlying technology. All maintenance of software, hardware and management of the physical environment us undertaken for you. No need to worry; no need to do anything beyond counting your acquired LEOcoins.


By leveraging the power of the LEOcoin community we can take advantage of economies of scale which we pass on to all our leasing customers. It would be difficult to find better price performance anywhere else.


LEO Mining Service is a concept which allows users to lease mining power in a remote mining facility managed by LEO. LEO at its sole discretion chooses a profitable altcoin available for mining which is than exchanged for LEOcoins. All mining is done without any offline hassle, such as electricity, hosting issues, or installation and upkeep trouble. Thus, everybody can participate in the exciting digital currency sector with little to no risk or difficulty.

Why choose us?

We offer you an opportunity to engage in mining of profitable altcoin that is exchanged for LEOcoins for your reward, while avoiding all usual problems that you can face when buying mining equipment, like the usual delays in delivery, breakage losses, the need for a sufficient power supply or cooling devices, personal time spent for continuous mining.

  • We have mining facilities all over the world
  • We are an established Limited Company based in the UK.
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • No hidden fees
Mining Rigs Preview


Mining Rigs Preview

We host all of our mining hardware in highly secure DataCenters across the globe, supported by Technical Engineers 24/7/365 to achieve near to 0% downtime. Our facilities have:

  • Climate Controlled dust-free environments
  • Backup generators in the event of a power failure
  • Capability of hosting more than 10MegaWatts of power consumption
  • Fail-Over power supplies
  • Technical Engineers to monitor, maintain and administer the mining hardware 24/7/365
  • Advanced monitoring system with multiple alarms in case of possible hardware failure (pro-active)

Start Mining Today

  • Easy Mining

    We combine cutting-edge hardware with simple and easy-to-understand mining contracts to bring you the most advanced mining solution available on the market.

    World-class service and support

    On-site technicians ensure that individual elements of the mining infrastructure are continuously monitored, and serviced when necessary. We offer constant payments and professional support. Our technical professionals and systems constantly monitor the crypto-currency markets to ensure optimal exchange conditions at any given time.

  • Daily Payouts

    All contracts are activated everyday and everyday is Payout Day.

    Monthly Bonus

    When applicable bonus is paid out once per month and includes detailed reporting.

    We don’t charge extra fees

    We offer simple service. All pool, electricity, maintenance and Conversion fees are included in the price.


    The mining facilities that contain mining rigs are totally secure from physical and remote attack. The exchange process is conducted from a safe source. The coins you receive and the wallet in which you keep them are totally protected.

Our Products

We offer mining service the right way: transparent, convenient and above all cost-effective.

1 Month Mining Service


  • LEOcoins per Month 80
  • Monthly bonus
  • Other Services Included
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1 Year Mining Service


  • LEOcoins per Month 80
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Other Services Included
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We offer

Daily Payouts

Monthly Bonus


1 year Contract (Special Promotion)

24×7 operation

Professional Customer Support

Custom made power efficient Mining Hardware

One-Time Payment



Estimated minimal amount of LEOcoins and monthly bonus amount of LEOcoins are based on performance of rigs, relative difficulty, market conditions, prices of digital currency pairs, etc. Projected LEOcoin earnings are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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